Assessing the effectiveness of Green Supply Chain Management in Enhancing Sustainability in the UK retail industry: A focused study on Walmart Inc.

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Jacob, Aby Thomas
Issue Date
MSc in Supply Chain Management
MSc in Data Analytics
Dublin Business School
The business's sustainable growth policy is crucial in attracting loyal customers. Providing sustainable items to customers is a strategic step that may boost the business's financial performance and sales volume. Customers' shifting requirements in the retail sector encourage businesses to consider the practical implications of green supply chain management in the global supply chain management process to offer significant product items to customers. Increasing knowledge regarding Environmental Protection is a measure to change the consumers' demand in this sector. As a result, providing and sustaining green supply chain operations became the fundamental factor for the valuable integration of a sustainable product development strategy within Walmart, which helped both the surrounding environment and the company's profitability due to the effective increment in the sales volume. The study aims to evaluate the impact of Walmart's green supply chain management (GSCM) methods on sustainability performance. The report evaluates Walmart's systematic approach to GSCM connected to waste and produc tion adjustments as a present development. The research also attempts to investigate the impact of Walmart's GSCM policies on waste creation and energy efficiency, hence enhancing the Company's operating strategy. The research assesses Walmart's shift from customer focused activities to supplier centric initiatives by adjusting its ecological footprint without raising product pricing. Also to support the progress and investigate GSCM methods that might be implemented to improve Walmart's sustainability performance.