To leave or not to leave? A study of secondary school pupils' coping strategies and personality types

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Merriman, Kieron
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Although there exists ample studies in relation to adolescent coping strategies and levels of self-esteem (Mullis, Ronald L., Chapman, Paula. 2000) there are few studies which focus on the relation between personality types, self-esteem and coping strategies in relation to school completion. The current study aims to address the issues of personality types, coping, self-esteem and gender in relation to school completion in both male and female adolescents attending Dublin inner city secondary schools. A survey of 160 Junior Certificate respondents aged between 14 and 16 years old looked at personality types, coping strategies and self-esteem to assess whether or not there exists a relation between them and the pupil’s intention to complete secondary school and gain a leaving certificate. Results reported a significant influence of personality types on school completion. Results also reported a significant influence of coping strategies on school completion. Gender differences between the types of coping strategies used were also found. Therefore the alternative hypoFinal Year Project is accepted and the null hypoFinal Year Project is rejected.