Digital marketing in the Irish construction industry

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Kelly, Michael
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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The Irish construction industry has long been recognised as one of the main driving forces behind the Irish economy. The modern construction business is challenged with competing in this sometimes harsh, fragmented sector. The Irish construction industry adopts more traditional business approaches, therefore is often viewed as being cynical in nature and reluctant to change. The uncertainty that has clouded the construction industry in particular since the Irish economic crisis seems to be diminishing and recent forecasts tentatively suggest the future is now looking promising. This research aims to provide an insight into the Irish construction industry and the role digital marketing can play within that industry. The digital marketing industry in Ireland has grown over the last number of years in conjunction with continued advancements in technology and infrastructure. This study will investigate the attitudes of construction industry professionals towards digital marketing and will also analyse what benefits digital marketing can bring to the industry. This research will also examine how the consumer views the Irish construction industry’s current digital presence. Irish digital consumers’ use of the existing digital and social media platforms will be explored. As the target end user group for the Irish construction industry the Irish consumer can offer valuable insight the wants and needs of the potential buyer as regards any future digital marketing campaigns by the Irish construction industry. This research aims to highlight if there is a niche for digital marketing within the Irish construction industry to facilitate future growth of this recovering sector. Author keywords: Digital marketing, construction