Is the Swedish system a viable solution to the French pensions problem?

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Abba, Alexandre
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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The French state pension system has been out of breath for many years and these despite the many reforms of successive governments. Today, the new government of President Emmanuel Macron initiated since his election in May 2017 an ambitious systemic reform of the French pension system that wants to be fairer with a unique model for all based on the example of the Swedish model and the notional accounts. The aim of this thesis will be to make an analysis of the current French pension system and the various reforms operated by the French government for more than a decade and understand why it could not lead to durable solutions. And to compare our current model with the Swedish model, which has also experienced huge funding difficulties in the past, but which seems to have found the solution today in order to stem the demographic problems, especially the lifespan based on a mixed notional system by capitalization and pay-as-you-go pension schemes. Consequently, the main purpose of this research is to make an overview of the situation and its evolution over the year and to study the possible barriers, economic, social or cultural that may prevent or at least complicate the establishment of such a system in France if the systemic reform started last year continue throughout the term of Emmanuel Macron's term of office.