Social media, brand content & millennials. To investigate the impacts of branded content through social media on the millennials purchasing intentions process

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de Tugny, Paul Gondallier
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BA of Business
Dublin Business School
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During the last ten years Social Media have taken place in our lives. With currently more than 2 billion social media users and a rate of penetration about 29% (Kemp, S, 2015), social media are still essential to share and communicate. Last generations are aware of those new platforms and technologies. Actually, data findings show that millennials are actively using social media and moreover they are more difficult to reach on classics media such as TV. It might be useful to understand their uses and expectations in order to engage them with the right strategy. To carry out this research, a secondary data research has been conducted. We managed the project by first conducting a secondary data collection based on academic articles but also, recent marketing researches, reports and case studies coming from professionals. Once information gathered we started to conduct our primary data collection with a survey mainly based on Facebook. Most of the respondents were 18-23 years old, which give us a particular overview on this population of interest. The main results from both, secondary and primary data underline that young millennials are expecting experiences, stories and entertainment from brands on social media. They are also highly engaged by content. Because social media are essential to reach millennials, companies should think twice when they create content and how they use it on social media. Author Keywords: Social media, Millenials, brand content