Advertising & public relations: a study of their histories and a hypothesis of their futures

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Egan, John James
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BA (Hons) in Media and Cultural Studies
Dublin Business School
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Advertising and Public Relations have been major forces in the shaping of the modern world. They are both two sides of the same coin, one clearly visible, the other only partially so. These two professions often share the same aim; that of the production of a desired thought, opinion or feeling in the hearts and minds of the general public or of specifically targeted groups or individuals. Advertising engages knowingly manufactured sounds and images in a way that the viewer is aware of, whereas Public Relations aims to let the viewer see none of the stagecraft of its art. Advertising's aim is clear to the public, that is, to create a desire to buy a product or service, but the aim of Public Relations is to create a circumstance or event, and so its aim is often to conceal its true intent.