An analysis of reckless investment by Irish banks : was the 2008 financial crisis home grown?

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O'Neill, Patrick
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MSc International Banking and Finance
Dublin Business School
This study will analyse the business practices of Irish banks over the period 2004 – 2007 in an attempt to determine if the 2008 Irish Financial Crisis was predominantly home-grown or the result of uncontrollable external factors. The first chapter provides the reader with an introduction to my chosen topic, why I chose to research the topic, my approach to the research, and the general organisation of the dissertation. The next chapter is a summary of all literatures reviewed on this topic extracting important information from the literature that may help in answering the research question. Following this will be a detailed section on the methodologies adopted when researching the topic. This will include the research methodology adopted for both primary and secondary research. The analysis of data collected and a discussion of the findings will come next. This will include analysis both of a set of questionnaires as well as data obtained through conducting a trend and ratio analysis. The next chapter will be the conclusion where I will give an opinion on the research question based on the research conducted. Finally there will be a self reflection chapter. This will sum up my own learning and performance experiences as I completed the dissertation.