The mobile technologies and their applicability to electronic commerce

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Yu, Miao
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Business Information Management
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation outlines the evaluation of Electronic Commerce using the Mobile technologies, from their conception to today. Comparison is between Electronic Commerce and Mobile Electronic Commerce. First outline the Fundamental of Electronic Commerce, introduces the definition of the E-commerce and its Categories. Then, define the differentiation between the Electronic Commerce and the Traditional Commerce. Secondly, explain the E-commerce technology - Internet and web. Then outline the application of different internet tools. Thirdly, explain the basics of doing business on the internet. Fourthly, introduce Mobile E-commerce issues: the Mobility in Ecommerce, the Nomadic computing and mobile computing. Then mainly explain the mobile standards and the Technology involved in Mobile. Fifthly, discuss the applicability of the mobile technology to Electronic Commerce. In this chapter, there are including Problems in today's E-commerce and the applicability of the mobile technology. In this part a primary research result will be used to discuss the issue. Moreover, outline the possible problem and give recommendation how to avoid these problems in future. Finally, the main finding of the research is to prove that the Mobile E-commerce will be the major part of the future E-commerce.