Customer satisfaction with the chatbot service: A study on HDFC Bank of India

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Rajendran, Savitha
Issue Date
MSc in Financial Technology (Fintech)
Dublin Business School
Indian banks are currently investing in chatbot technology to enhance customer service and offer virtual support. This study aims to examine customer satisfaction with the chatbot service of HDFC Bank of India. A cross-sectional quantitative research design was used. Primary data was gathered directly from HDFC Bank clients using a close-ended structured questionnaire through Google Forms. The participants were chosen through convenient sampling via an online platform. The research uses an inferential quantitative research method by utilizing regression analysis. Situational Factors positively but non-significantly affect customer happiness. System quality greatly affects client satisfaction. Service Quality has little effect, defying expectations. Trust is crucial, positively affecting consumer pleasure. However, the Intention of Use is non-significant, indicating chatbot services require reevaluation. System dependability, service quality measurements, trust, situational dynamics, and user feedback-based strategy adjustments are recommended to improve customer satisfaction towards the HDFC Bank of India chatbot services.