An investigation into the treatment of sexual addiction in Ireland

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Bartley, Mary
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MA in Addiction Studies
Dublin Business School
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The study will be a theoretical piece examining available research on the topic of Sexual Addiction and the treatment options available in Ireland as opposed to the United States. Much of the material for this research was taken from the many writings of the expert on Sexual Addiction Patrick Carnes, PhD and other research material available on the topic of Sexual Addiction. The study will examine the topic of Sexual Addiction; differentiate between Sexual Addiction and Sexual Offending. Treatment options in the US and Ireland will be explored. The study will outline criteria for sexual addiction and briefly look at such areas as pornography, prostitution, intimacy, fantasy, masturbation & ‘Normal Sexuality’. The aim of the research is to investigate available treatment options for Sexual Addiction in Ireland. At the end of the study the researcher would like those who read it to be able to understand what sexual addiction is and the difference between sexual addiction and sex offending .