Managing diversity and gender equality in the workplace

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Samina, Samina
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Now a day’s world is growing globalization which require more interaction among people from the diverse range of backgrounds (Green et al., n.d.). Diversity management is a method which is intended to create and helps to maintain a positive work environment where similarities and differences of people are respected and valued (Patrick and Kumar, 2012). The literature on diversity management has mostly emphasized on organization performance and organizational context of diversity related pressures, expectation, requirements and organizational outcomes in managing employee diversity and related issues (Patrick and Kumar, 2012). Diversity and equality are interconnected to each other; the main objectives of diversity and gender equality is every individual have set of rights, opportunity and fair treatment in the workplace (Diversity Inc, 2016). Moreover, the objective of the author is to highlight the importance of managing diversity and equality in the workplace. Organization capabilities to welcome managing diversity and equality (Sharma, 2016). It describes the benefits of learning policies and procedures which will ensure that an organization is optimizing the best learning capacity in the workplace (Moss, 2010). Whereas, working in diverse group or team help in achieving the goals and objectives of the workplace. The diverse workforce provide organization with competitive advantage and enhance organizational adaptability to accept change in the organization (Zanoni et al., 2010). Diversity and gender equality which define as giving equal rights to all men and women who shares the same workplace. The working style of men and women are different, but they can come with different innovative ideas and perspective at a same point. To implementing diversity; organization has faced many challenges which should be overcome to implement effective diversity in the workplace. Diversity can be improving employee performance and organization effectiveness. However, it is difficult to manage diverse work population which involves recognizing the value of differences, promote inclusiveness and battling with discrimination (Green et al., n.d.). And the challenges faced by women in the workplace. The study concludes that successful managing diversity can leads to better satisfied, more committed and better performance of the organization and would be helpful for producing an effective output (Patrick and Kumar, 2012). The study is focusing on the questions why and how a managing diversity and equality can improve the performance of any workplace. What could be the potential benefits of managing diversity in any workplace. What are challenges faced by women in the workplace. To answer these questions, author has chosen this research topic: “Managing diversity and gender equality in the workplace”