Mexico : case of an opportunity

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Castellot, Alonso G.
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MA of Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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The current global trend forces firms to find the best opportunities to invest and enhance their skills to compete globally. The strong competition given among merging economies to attract investment and businesses, implies deeper assessment to select future operations settlement and strategy for market enlargement. On the basis of the former issues, this investigation attempts to define a model to assess nation's National Advantage and degree of opportunity for global investors and businesses. Special attention was given to such topics as Globalisation, and Culture & Economic Welfare. The Globalisation process is a result of a combination of the global spread of ideas, information, capital, goods and services, and people. There is no direct relationship between culture and economic growth, but in the way that nations learn about competitiveness, and their governments lead to political and economic freedom, there is evidence that economic growth is achieved. Thus, this model is applied to Mexico, as a merging economy, which merited international recognition for the development achieved after the dreadful economic turnover in 1995, known as 'the tequila effect'. This research offers an overview of such features as political & legal trends, economic conditions, capital & trade flows, clusters' development, deIl10graphic & socio-economic highlights, and infrastructure degree of advancement. With the investigation materials there is also a reference to the nation's performance and positioning in the global context. With the information obtained we have developed the analysis of the information as competitiveness factors, and afterwards, the assessment of the conditions by such theory tools as Five Forces analysis, SWOT analysis, and competitiveness Diamond. In summary, it was concluded that Mexico, in the following years, can be catalogued as an opportunity for global players. The country has achieved, due to the attractiveness-mix aimed, National Advantage among merging economies, but not long-term sustainable unless trends and practices are reinforced promptly with innovative and consistent changes.