Growth mindset schools – thematic analysis of teachers’ experiences implementing growth mindset in Irish primary classrooms

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Minogue, Simone
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Current research demonstrates the positive impact of growth mindset interventions on student motivation and academic achievement. However, teacher experience has been overlooked. This study aimed to gain a deeper understanding of teachers’ experiences of implementing a growth mindset programme. It sought to explore the perceived benefits and obstacles facing teachers and their ideas on implementing Growth Mindset principles in line with the Irish curriculum. Qualitative research was carried out with eight teachers describing their experiences in semi-structured interviews. Quotes from transcripts were categorised. Four themes reflecting teachers’ experiences were taken from the data using thematic analysis: (a) Creating a growth mindset climate, (b) need for professional development, (c) the role of parents and (d) the benefit for teachers. Implications of these themes highlight the need for relevant teacher training and the importance of parental involvement in growth mindset programmes. The value of creating a growth mindset school climate for the benefit of both students and teachers alike was emphasised.