Choir participation and levels of resilience, positive emotion and belonging in healthcare employees

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Thurstan, Roisin
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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In a healthcare environment, key attributes such as resilience, positive emotion and belonging can help individuals to embrace and recover from daily challenges. Choral singing is a complex, multifaceted activity with a growing number of psychological benefits. This study investigated choir participation on levels of resilience, positive emotion and belonging in healthcare professionals. A quantitative, correlational design used convenience sampling to gather data from 74 choir and non-choir participants. Participants completed a questionnaire comprising of demographic information and three reliable psychological measures. Four hypotheses were tested and while no statistically significant differences were found, the results suggest a link between resilience, belonging and compassion. Practical implications include adding to expanding literature on choral singing in healthcare and informing wellbeing initiatives at local level. Future studies designed to investigate the relationship between resilience, belonging and compassion would advance understanding of these elements of psychological wellbeing.