The process of collaboration for software development : case study from Irish and Indian centres of multinationals

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Sambaturu, Krishna Mohan Rao
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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The primary objective of this dissertation study is to understand the process of collaboration for software development in global or distributed software development (DSD). The context of this study is of Irish and Indian sites of multinationals. A brief discussion about co-located Vs distributed teams has been included. This study explores how collaboration process occurs within and between DSD centres and how various collaboration processes such as communication, coordination and control help in successful collaboration. It is also intended to study various communication mediums and tools used in effective interaction between distributed teams. This study also try to find out the role of management and teams in establishing, practicing and nurturing collaboration between distributed teams. The cultural effects on collaboration process in respect of distributed teams also studied. Finally potential benefits of collaboration in software development studied. Author keywords: Collaboration, software development, distributed software development, multinationals, global software development