An investigation into to the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns of the I.R.F.U in relation to the sales of premium tickets for the Aviva Stadium among the public and corporate sectors in Ireland

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Mullen, Killian
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BA (Hons) in Marketing and Event Management
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this dissertation is to develop an understanding of the marketing strategy used by the Irish Rugby Football Union in relation to ticket packages for the redeveloped Lansdowne Road. The investigation for this dissertation was carried out with a broad research on significant literature and of primary research completed by a focus group which led to the research findings. The key findings point towards the fact that the I.R.F.U. offer a product that is popular, highly coveted and in small supply. It examines how the organisation did not have to implement specific marketing strategies due to the popularity of the product. It also looks the importance that sponsorship played in the redevelopment.. The research findings were implemented by a depth interview where questions were posed to a respondent whose views were applied to conduct primary research. The recommendations made for this study suggest that further research could be conducted at a later date to provide comparisons between contrasting periods. Going forward, success of the I.R.F.U. can be related to the success of the Irish rugby team, success on the pitch leads to sales off it.