Results tracker app and deployment on EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

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Mulligan, David
Issue Date
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (Web and Cloud Technologies)
Dublin Business School
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The main project aim was to build a useful app and deploy it on the cloud. The app is to firstly enter the result you want to achieve and as you go, update it with your results as you go through your course and the result that you need to achieve next to maintain your target result will be updated. Once the application was built and connected to Amazon RDS (SQL Server database), the next step was to build a docker image, deploy this image on my local machine, then move it to ECR (Elastic Container Service) (similar to Dockerhub but on AWS). The last step was to move it to the EKS service (Elastic Kubernetes Service) to run on a kubernetes cluster spread across 3 availability zones.