An examination into the American media coverage of the 7 17 London bombings specifically with reference to The New York Times and The Washington Post

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Kelly, Michelle
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BA (Hons) in Journalism
Dublin Business School
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The question being asked through this essay is the American news coverage, specifically referring to The New York Times and The Washington Post adhere to the theory of agenda-setting, news values and the framing of terrorist news events. Does the coverage act as a vehicle through which support for the 'War on Terror' initiated by the UK and the United States of America, can be re-gained in relation to the fact that support had been decreasing as the 717 London bombings came when the war had been going for two years. Is there negative attributes attached to different people within society, for example, Muslims and does it re-iterate and reinforce and add to the already perceived ideas of terrorists and terrorism against the 'West'.