Can ingesting red bull energy drink modify sport performance, precompetitive sport emotion and anxiety levels?

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Hyland, Marie
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This double blind true experiment tested Red Bull energy drink for ergogenic benefit on sport performance, precompetitive anxiety and emotions in this between groups, placebo controlled study. Also testing the causal relationship of precompetitive anxiety and negative emotions in predicting sport performance. The participants, (N=41) all athletes, were randomised into two conditions. Thirty minutes post-ingestion of 250ml Red Bull or placebo drink, they completed the Sport Emotion Questionnaire and the Sport Competition Anxiety Test, followed by a 5km run. No significant differences were detected between the Red Bull condition and the placebo condition on 5km run times, precompetitive anxiety, negative or positive sport emotions. Results showed no causal relationship between precompetitive anxiety and negative sport emotions predicting sport performance. Results show athletes may feel both positive and negative precompetitive sport emotions at the same time, while operating within unique individual zones of optimal anxiety functioning.