Gender differences in bereavement : coping mechanisms and outcomes

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Neary, Louise
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Bereavement touches everyone at some stage in their lives but people deal with it in different ways, with varying consequences. Many factors influence this including time since bereavement and relationship to the deceased. This study will examine gender differences in dealing with bereavement and associated problems. It is based on a correlational research questionnaire, which will be distributed to members of the public (N = 55) who have been bereaved within the last three years. The predictor variables are gender, bereavement and coping mechanisms. Criterion variables are general health, depression and anxiety. There are two hypotheses for this study, the first being that gender differences exist in the grieving process and coping mechanisms employed. The second hypoFinal Year Project being that gender differences exist in the physical and psychological problems that result. This study found that there is no significant gender differences in coping mechanisms employed following bereavement or outcomes of bereavement.