The future of the international tourism industry: factors encouraging tourists to visit China

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Chang, Di
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MSc in International Business
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation is concerned with the future direction of the world tourism industry in terms of development with regard to China. Tourism in China is one of the most important industries and for better or for worse it will directly affect the Chinese economy. Therefore, the Chinese government has the clear goal of helping the development of the Chinese tourist industry in order to attract international tourists. In the macroeconomic level, tourism has been regarded by both national governments and international institutions as an essential area for development. Many developing countries see tourism as an important route for economic development and as a means of attracting foreign investment. China is one of the developing countries, so it is no exception. What factors induce tourists to visit China? This will be the main question of the dissertation. Because it is such a broad question to answer, I have developed three sub-questions. These are: why do international tourists travel to China? What is the exact interest for international tourists with regard to travelling to China? What are the most important expectations of the majority of international tourists when they travel to China? Questionnaires and face-to-face interviews will be used to collect data) and SPSS software will be used to analyse the results. Based on this information, the results will be discussed and displayed by the use of a SWOT analysis approach and a conclusion will be arrived at. Finally, recommendations will be aimed at the perceived weaknesses and threats achieving the aims in order to help the Chinese tourism industry to improve and to develop in such a way as to fit the current dynamic and highly competitive environment.