Swedish club football - will it ever challenge at top level in Europe again?

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Hoejden, Carl
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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This Bachelor dissertation’s purpose was to penetrate Swedish club football in its top level and try to identify why the clubs no longer can be challengers in the European cups. The dissertation’s main research question was formed ‘Can Swedish football clubs compete in the European Cups again as they once did?’. The approach of this dissertation has been an inductive approach where the primary data collection was carried out through a qualitative research with interviews by electronic mails. The empirical foundation was a compilation of information obtained from thirteen interviews with key people within the football industry in Sweden. A lot have changed in the world of football since Swedish clubs were challengers in Europe and the big issues for Swedish clubs are their revenues. Increasing revenues, more efforts in talent development and better facilities are the key factors for success. Author keywords: Swedish football, UEFA, talent development