Symphonies to sex on fire : an investigation into the changing nature of mobile music technology and its effects on the Irish consumer market between the ages of 20-25 year olds

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Cahill, Mark
Issue Date
BA of Business in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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It is the purpose of this Final Year Project to establish whether music technologies constant evolution affects the consumer’s decision to purchase, as well as alter the consumer’s opinion. The Irish 20-25 yr old market is a generation of tech savvy intelligent beings. They have grown up with modern conveniences such as the internet and mobile phones, portable media players. The research being undertaken is to establish just how dependent 20-25 yr olds are on technology by analysing just how much they know about it, and what they perceive as worthy of their attention. As well as the consumers attitudes towards the constant evolution of technology. Through the use of Focus groups, the information acquired proves the Final Year Project correct. The Irish 20-25 yr old consumer has a positive attitude towards the evolution of mobile music technology, however the evolution of new and more modern variants does not alter the perception of the consumers as to building a must have attitude, it has been established that the 20-25 yr old market will only purchase a new piece of technology is there truly is a necessity for that piece. Their knowledge of the technology that is available is also impressive with the majority of user able to fully understand how applications work and the benefits associated with each new application and upgrade available on new pieces of mobile music technology. There are no impulse purchases due to the relevantly high cost of new technology the 20-25 yr old target will go through the full consumer decision making process before making a purchase. However they do favour brands in particular the Apple brand I pod for their MP 4 and their laptops seeing them as reliable, quality driven and simplistic.