Cultural diversity management in Irish hotels

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Kumawat, Chetan
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MA of Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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The following case study research, based on a three star hotel situated in Dublin, Ireland, deals with 'Cultural Diversity Management in Irish Hotels'. Many scholars like Hofstede, Lewis, Parker, Rouse and Rouse, Sparrow & Wu, and Fadil et al, etc. have founded that presence of a culturally diverse workforce brings up two fold impact on an organisation. If managed efficiently it could do wonders and mismanagement of cultural diversity might result in failure. Cultural diversity in a new experience for Irish employers, especially because of its rapid growth in Irish hospitality industry, there is a definite need for any such research which can help the Irish hotel employers in efficient management of the increasing cultural diversity. By analysing the researched organisation's human resource practices towards managing a culturally diverse workforce, this case study tries to find out the various factors behind successful/unsuccessful management of a cultural diversity. As the research tries to investigate a real life contemporary phenomenon, a mix of both qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies of data collection has been used. The reader(s) would be able to understand the fundamentals of cultural diversity management in an organisation at the same time finding some interesting but important aspects cultural diversity invites in an organisation. The research concludes with quite interesting conclusion and some practical recommendations.