A study of self-concept, peer attachment and gender in single-sex and co-educational secondary schools

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Daly, Eloise
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The study's aims were to investigate whether multidimensional self-concept and peer attachment differed by gender and school type, also to investigate the relationship between these 2 constructs and to examine how this Irish sample compared to the Piers Harris 2 sample (Piers & Herzberg, 2002). In total 148 adolescents from coeducational and 2 single-sex secondary schools participated. The study was a between subjects design. Students filled out questionnaires incorporating the Piers Harris 2 and the I.P.P.A. Self-concept was correlated with peer attachment School type didn't have any effect on self-concept or peer attachment. Gender correlated with 1 of 6 self-concept subscales, the Freedom from Anxiety subscale. Overall, this study supported the importance of peer attachment in multiple subscales of adolescent self-concept.