Open Banking System in Ireland: University Students' Perceptions on Data Security and Privacy

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Ur Rehman Mumtaz, Quddus
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MSc in Financial Technology
Dublin Business School
Understanding user data security and privacy perceptions is crucial as open banking systems change and reshape the financial landscape. This study examines Irish university students' views on open banking. Students' security and privacy are examined through various relevant indicators confidentiality, integrity, availability, verification and. privacy This study analyses the complex relationship between three dimensions i.e. confidentiality, integrity, verification and user perceptions to illuminate the factors that affect open banking adoption and trust.A diverse sample of Irish university students was surveyed quantitatively using a quantitative research method through deductive approach. The aforementioned three dimensions' associations with students' security and privacy perceptions are significant. Students' increased concern for personal and financial privacy is evident in their confidentiality concerns. Data integrity also builds trust, as financial data accuracy and consistency are crucial. User perceptions are also improved by robust open banking verification mechanisms. User confidence in system security increases with efficient and effective verification processes. The study emphasizes user empowerment, transparent communication, and education in shaping open banking data security and privacy perceptions. The implications of these findings are vast. These insights will help financial institutions, technology providers, and policymakers create user-centric open banking systems that meet Irish university students' needs. By prioritizing confidentiality, data integrity, and verification, stakeholders can build trust, adoption, and open banking in Ireland. Therefore, this study fills a crucial gap in open banking user perceptions. The study allows academia and industry to improve data security, prioritize user trust, and shape open banking systems in a rapidly changing financial landscape.