Experiences of career and family from a working mothers perspective

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McGrath, Naomi
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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The research strived to gain a deeper and better understanding of women’s perception’s and experiences as mothers and professionals from their point of view. The research was qualitative in nature and the data was gathered using a series of semi structured interviews. Six purposively selected participants were interviewed and the gathered data was examined using thematic analysis. A series of themes was extracted and discussed. The findings exposed the complexity of women’s experiences as mothers and career professionals. The literature reviewed displayed that there is significant research being done on women in the work force and the provision of fair maternity rights. However, more work is needed to explore the personal effects combining work and motherhood has on women themselves. The report found that women may find themselves having to choose between advancing in their careers and taking a conscious step away to raise young children. The research also reflected that women often automatically and instinctively take on the main caring roles, bowing to the set gender norms and often sacrificing their own advancement. The current social and policy provisions that are in place in Ireland require much more Governmental focus on the provision of childcare in relation to maternity and paternity benefits. The continued closing of the gender pay gap and genuine recognition of women’s role in society is required.