A study of the efficiency of a diverse work team in ireland: A case of Paddy Power Betfair

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Akinlawon, Bamidele
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MBA in Cloud Computing
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study is to find out the effect an ethnical diverse team have on the performance of an organization in Ireland using Paddy Power Betfair a gaming company with its corporate head office located in Ireland as a case study. Looking at the research topic, this study aims to investigate a particular contemporary phenomenon within real-life context with the case study (Paddy Power Betfair) to gain an in depth understanding of the context of the topic. This was achieved by conducting a mixed methodology of both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection of using questionnaires to collect data from the sample population and interviewing the manager of the case study company to make exciting and conclusive findings of the important aspects that ethnical diversity brings to an organisation. Ethnical diversity can either enhance or reduce the competitiveness of an organization. However, this research considers how an ethnically diverse team increases or decreases an organizations competitiveness and performance. Survey monkey software an online platform is used to design research questions was used to distribute the questionnaire among the sample population. The software (Survey Monkey) also has a feature that helps to interpret the result of the respondents as it is already imbedded with the SPSS software to analyse collected data from the sample audience. The analysis of the result showed that employees and management of the sample population prefer to work in ethnically diverse team as this helps to improve the productivity, efficiency of individual team members within the team, helping the organization with improved and creative ideas of achieving its aim and objective through multi skilling, creates an enabling working environment for fun and learning, all of which have a corelative positive on influencing employee performance and affecting organizational performance. Finally, the readers will be able to understand the fundamentals of ethnical diversity management in an organization and how it impacts on the culture of an organization. This study will be offering practical recommendation(s) on how to manage an ethnical diverse team to get the best of what it offers in today’s dynamic business world.