Behavioural reaction to structural change : an in-depth study into the aftermath of organisational restructuring

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Knight, Kerry
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MA Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this dissertation is to examine the behavioural reaction to structural change within the organisation Waters Chromatography. This research is, in the opinion of the researcher, necessary as the business world has become increasingly volatile and changes are being made within organisations in an attempt to combat those obstacles on a continuous basis. It is my aim to highlight the issues that organisations or indeed individuals face in times of change and to ascertain whether or not there are processes that a company may utilise in order to ease the transition of change and therefore sustain productivity. A survey strategy which employed the deductive approach was used for this research. The survey focused on the resources working within the restructured Northern Region of the company Waters Chromatography. The Primary data was collected through several Interviews and a Focus Group. These were employed in an exploratory manner and preliminary information gathered from this research was then utilised in the questionnaire design which in turn generated the analysable quantitative data. Along with cost cutting, it was the hope of the organisation to improve its internal structure through the restructuring of Northern Europe. It was discovered by the researcher however that the employees felt the changes made did not benefit the structure to any great extent. It was also found that communication was lacking which caused feelings of uncertainty, doubt and insecurity throughout the change transition. However most interestingly, although these weaknesses were present, the restructuring of the Northern Region was implemented successfully.