Digital dentist: Providing specialized care through effortless technology: Exploring the feasibility of digitalisation in enhancing CRM in dentistry

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Pitta, Shruti
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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To survey the new technologies in dentistry and the dentists in Prosthodontic/restorative programmes in Ireland and India regarding feasibility of On-board of digital aides into dentistry. The key objectives of this survey were to identify the current trends in Prosthetic dentistry and determine, to how extent these technologies are being implemented. An invitation to participate in an online survey was sent to 45 Prosthodontists and 70 general dentists. The survey took 20 minutes approximately to complete. Chi-Square test was run for this research. The response rate was 43% for Prosthodontists and 62% for the general dentists. Among the respondents, all of them, with an exception of few from India, were aware of the new technologies of CEREC. Less than half of the Prosthodontists (43%) have already incorporated the CEREC technology. When asked if the cost was an issue for preventing the patients to opt for this type of treatment, 75% of them affirmed this response. There was a significant difference among the two groups, when asked about the incorporation of this technique. General dentists reported less usage than 59.8% of the Prosthodontists. Currently only 15% of prosthesis are being processed with the CEREC. Majority of the respondents indicated that they were planning to include digital dental fabrication into their curriculum within the next 5 years. Whereas Only 24% of patients are willing and getting these high- end treatments.