Copper as key indicator of economic health

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Rao, Deependra
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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Copper is the oldest metal known to humans. It plays important role in old civilizations like Egyptian and Romans. But the importance of copper is increased after the industrial revolution and today it played an important role in global economy. Even many market analysts see it as an indicator of economic health. Because of that it gained the title of “Doctor” and it known as Doctor Copper in economics. But from last few years market analyst thinks that it lost its Doctor title. Now it is not effective indicator of economic growth. The main aim of this research is to find Is copper still economic indicator or not. The first part of this study will concentrate on whether copper is an economic indicator or not and also find the reason behind why it is economic indicator. The second part of this research aims on comparing copper with other metals and important commodity, to understand why not other metals seen like an economic indicator. The third part of this research will propose the research design, Implementation and method of data collections. The final section of this study shows the outcome of primary data that is collected by three in depth semi structured interviews with the managers and trader who are working in copper industry. These interviews allowed researcher to conclude the research. Author keywords: Copper, economy