A study of racial discrimination, direct/indirect aggression, and fear of negative evaluation, among individualism and collectivism in Ireland

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Zhu, Huan
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Current study explores the difference between Chinese participants and Irish participants on the individualism and collectivism scale (AICS). Then individualism and collectivism was used as prdeictor to predict perception of racial discrimination by use index of race-related stress scale-brief version (IRRS-B), direct / indirect aggressive behaviour by use Richardson conflict response questionnaire (RCRQ), and fear od negative evaluation behaviour by use fear of negative exaluation scale, revisedd version (FNE). 103 people, who included Irish (51) and Chinese (52), participated in the study using snowball and convenience easy access methods. Significant difference between the two groups on collectivism scale was found, but no difference on the individualism scale was found. Multiple regression found no relationship between individualism / collectivism and perceived racial discrimination at all, which also means individualism and collectivism cannot predict perceptions of racial discrimination. Also multiple regression did not find any relationship between the two predictors and indirect aggressive behaviour, but interestingly found that collectivism has strong association with direct aggression rather than individualism. Finally, statistical test found that individualism strongly associated with fear of negative evaluation, and collectivism did not show any significant result on the same measurement. Author keywords: individualism, collectivism