Export of spices as a brand product to EU from India

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Erappa, Mandanna Ketolira
Issue Date
MSc in Management Practice
Dublin Business School
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The project here is about the export of the Indian spices to the European Union as a branded product not just as a commodity. Here we are going to explain the various fields regarding export of the Indian spices to the European Union countries. We are going to lay some points regarding the importance of exporting these Indian spices. Objectives will be defined in order to acquire the importance of exporting the Indian spices as a branded commodity rather than just a product. Depending on the various objectives various qualitative and quantitative questions are prepared. A survey will be done on these various quantitative and qualitative questions. Then the data that we are getting through the survey we have to analyse it in details using various graphs and further listing down the findings. A detailed discussion will be made based on the survey and each question is to be explained in details. After completing the discussion we have to link those various objectives in order to find how and why these survey questions are made and on what basis. This discussion will be much explanatory for the reader to find out about the various outcomes of the survey. Further, many recommendations will be made through which we can find the various ways by which we can further improve the project and improve the scope of the project. After that we will reflect the various parts which the researcher is going through during this project.