The relationship between image congruity and academic achievement : an exploratory study of student-college interaction and examination grades

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Fitzgerald, Geraldine
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This project attempts to identify the relationship between image congruity and examination grades. Data was gathered using questionnaires. Participants rated the two concepts self-image and college-image on adjective rating scales based on the semantic differential. Discrepancy scores were calculated between participants' perceptions of themselves and their college. Based on these discrepancy scores, participants were grouped on the basis of whether they exhibited high, medium, or low image congruity between perceptions of themselves and perceptions of their college. Participants were also grouped on the basis of whether they achieved above average exam grades or below average exam grades. In general, those who achieved above average exam grades exhibited a higher level of congruity between self-image and college-image than those who achieved below average exam grades. The data were interpreted as supporting the research hypoFinal Year Project that image congruity and exam grades are positively related. The effect on students' college-image of the merging of their college with another was also studied and it was generally found that this had a negative impact on their perception of the college.