Exploring the role of Influencer Marketing to drive participation of Gen Z in Gaelic sport

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Cordova, Francisco
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MSc in Digital Marketing
Dublin Business School
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In recent years, some famous players of Gaelic Games or better known as GAA have positioned themselves on Instagram, posting content, and promoting brands. Definitions name them as Influencer Marketing, social media marketing strategy to create brand communication. The purpose of the research is to explore the role of these Influencers Marketing in the GAA to drive participation of Generation Z in the sport. The use of a qualitative research design is adopted with interpretivism philosophy and inductive approach. The data have been collected with semi-structured interviews to investigate the experience of people belonging to the GAA and Instagram with Influencers. The results show that Influencers Marketing could increase the visibility of the GAA, promoting products related to the sport, and showing content to improve skills in the game. Furthermore, there is an association with other brands non-related to the field. Participants have stated to interact on Instagram with influencers, however they admitted that this could be more suitable for kids and adolescents. The results are analyzed with the literature review in the discussion chapter. Moreover, conclusions and recommendations are derived, and the futures of the research are presented.