How to motivate generation Y at the workplace? retail market context

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Macagnan, Kalinka
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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The main purpose of this paper is to investigate and discuss how to motivate Generation Y employees at workplace, increasing their performance and satisfaction, and helping the organization to achieve its goals. The concern about motivation has increased as business environment becomes more competitive and organization‟s Human Resources (HR) happen to be more important to the business success. The increased number of researchers across the HR field focuses on the differences in generations and its consequences at workplace; this research aims to focus on factors that can foster motivation in the specific group of employees known as millenniums because they differ greatly from any other cohorts and also because they are the future of any organization. They have twisted organization inside out with their requirements and suffering with stereotypes largely reported by observation rather than utilizing empirical evidences. In consequence of this misunderstanding, many organizations are facing difficulty to attract and maintain this new generation of employees that can greatly contribute to the firms‟ success. Aiming to understand certain behaviours and work attitudes of these employees, the current research analyses the role of HRM and its evolving through times, from its emergence until its recognition of strategic role. Going further, it will analyse the concept of generation, differentiate cohorts and their behaviours, aiming to understand way organizations structure in certain ways and why the new employees demand new structures and policies. Theories of motivation will also be studied aiming to gain more knowledge. The research will conduct in-depth interviews with members of Gen Y in order to discover what motivates them to work. The study will contribute to the HRM field because it will suggest what management style is more effective to manage millenniums. Author keywords: Human resources management, motivation, generation Y, workplace, organizational culture, retail context