Coaching’s Effectiveness in Global Technology Organisations in Ireland - an Exploration of Factors and Barriers

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Gunning, Deborah
Issue Date
MSc in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
This research provides an innovative exploration of coaching practices within the rapidly evolving Irish tech sector, focusing on the implementation, effectiveness, challenges, and outcomes of coaching in global tech entities in Ireland, a burgeoning hub of tech innovation, investment and growth. This study methodically examines the prevalence, types, and perceived benefits of coaching programmes, alongside factors affecting their effectiveness. Its significance lies in its unique multidimensional insights into coaching's complexity and interconnectivity from various stakeholder perspectives, encompassing strategic alignment, cultural integration, and diverse methodologies. The findings aid tech organisations in creating effective coaching strategies tailored to industry-specific challenges and opportunities, such as developing HR strategies, improving employee engagement and retention, and adapting coaching for varied cultural contexts. This study links theory with practice, shaping coaching in the competitive digital landscape, and enhancing tech sector success. It also notably enriches the limited academic research on coaching effectiveness within the global tech industry, particularly focusing on Ireland.