The Naked vs. the Nude : a study on how female nudes have been represented throughout art in western tribal cultures

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Boysen, Martina
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BA (Hons) Arts
Dublin Business School
This thesis examines the relationship between the ‘naked’ and the ‘nude’ and how they are represented throughout art over the centuries. It examines how our perception have changed on how we view the subject due to social changes. It also examines the differences between Western culture and the Tribal culture and how we view and treat naked women differently. The western art section covers three time periods that influenced the art scene in one way or another, The Ancient Greeks, The Middle Ages and The Renaissance and The Nineteenth Century. The Tribal art section covers two of the biggest tribal cultures, The Oceanic region and the Mesoamerican region and compares how the way they live, their daily influences and how they produce art is different from the west. Author keywords: Art history, culture, the nude, the naked, tribal culture, western culture