Analysis of reward management options for low paid workers in the indian hospitality sector: A case study of Royal Orchid Hotel Ltd, Brindavan Garden Mysore

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Prabhakar, Vijeth
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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This research seeks to explore the reasons what is required to manage people in an organization and understanding how to motivate the non – executive employees through a well – structured reward and recognition policy. This study shows that there is no effective reward system and policy in the organization to motivate their non – executive employees. We have provided in the study an approach to the organization to design and re – structure the reward system. Firstly, it gives a comprehension idea of reward system in the organization, why they work and the best condition which suits them to work and what circumstances are most effective. Secondly, it exhibits a structure of ideas and thoughts – a structure that is basic to assemble into a coordinated reward system. At last, it suggests a distinguished method for measuring the effectiveness of a reward structure of an organization’s philosophy and goals. This study was based on a case study of a particular organization. This method will make an organization to decide whether it is, to be sure, getting the premeditated motivational effectiveness from its immense pay and remuneration expenditure. If it isn’t, the characteristic method has the capacity of distinguishing the implementing of the strategy, practice, system and proper structure for the non – executive employees.