Digital advertising with focus on the B2B market with particular reference to social media advertising, digital ad channels which will give the best outcome for KMU audit, a Swiss company in 2018. The outcomes may be of benefit to other B2B companies.

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Navarrete Araujo, Jonathan Patricio
Issue Date
MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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Purpose B2B companies have difficulty ascertaining the best online advertising tactics in 2018. The purpose of this dissertation is to identify the most effective, efficient online channels and formats for KMU audit a small niche company. Design/methodology/approach Mix method with an embedded case study, utilizing a concurrent triangulation design. Findings There are multiple factors to be considered when researching advertising in the digital age. The dichotomy between B2B and B2C companies when it pertains to advertising is no longer a consideration in 2018. Analysing, reaching, engaging the buyer is key to a successful ad outcome. The buying process for B2B is longer than B2C, has many influencers, however an ad engages an individual, (Key Influencer). Website is the first point of engagement. Mobile devices have extended the reach 24/7. Small B2B companies such as KMU audit must find creative tactics, strategies to attract and engage customers generating lead conversions. Content information in the form of videos or infographics are formats that attract B2B buyers. LinkedIn traditionally was the channels trusted by B2B markets, however Facebook is more effective in terms of cost and appeal. Whatever the channel or format used small B2B companies like KMU audit need to invest in social media/online advertising in 2018 to survive and expand. Practical implications This dissertation makes recommendations for KMU audit that can be implemented, evaluated at a low cost to the company. Originality/value The lack of academic research on online/social media advertising for small B2B companies needed to be addressed. The findings/conclusions and recommendations may be of value to other small companies other than KMU audit.