A social customer relationship management proposal for an Irish advertisement company. The case study of Well Clever

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Cirillo, Marco Ignazio
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
The following is brief abstract of my dissertation: • Purpose: The purpose of this research is to analyse the advances in the Social Customer Relationship Management area, and selectively applies the practices to the case company, an advertisement company based in Dublin (Well Clever). The research aims to propose to the company a workable operations model based on the social customer relationship management approach. • Methodology: For the purpose of this thesis, a case study methodology was chosen. The analysis will be based on the relevant framework developed from the analysis of the theory on CRM and Social CRM system. The data analysis is based on feedback from qualitative interviews of three stakeholders of the company case study. Therefore, the research will be reinforced throughout the benchmark of other companies that have an efficient social CRM system proving in this way the usefulness of social CRM in terms of competitiveness. Practice guidelines with the entire step necessary to build a social CRM strategy will be included as final proposal of this research. • Findings: The findings of this study show how the case company can implement is marketing strategy using a social customer relationship management approach in order to gain competitive advantage in the advertising industry. Only with the interaction of a proper marketing strategy with the right social media channel to spread the company’s message, it would be possible obtain a workable model for the case company. The social CRM strategy proposed by the researcher is the result of the current state analysis of the case company, combined with theoretical and practical knowledge obtained from a detailed activity of literature review. The guidelines provided need to be evaluated from Well Clever, and adapted to the company needs, in order to achieve the best results. Author keywords