Leveraging Design Thinking for Successful Management of Projects

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Kumar Nanda Kumar, Mohan
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Traditional project management methodology which laid the foundation for building “functional software products” is unable to respond to varied and continuous customer requests in a quick changing software development environment. In contrast, Agile project management and Design Thinking methodologies provide a set of methods that have been successfully applied to software projects globally. However, there is insufficient empirical research conducted in the application of design thinking methodology and competencies in project management. Therefore , the main aim of this research is to conduct an identification and analysis of benefits obtained when Design Thinking Methodology is applied in large software development projects and to evaluate the required competencies for project managers working in such projects. The study also strives to determine key success factors when adopting design thinking methods. A mixed methods research was carried out through an online survey of 153 IT professionals across a variety of industries based in Ireland and through nine semi-structured interviews with software professionals with immense experience and knowledge of design thinking methodologies. The main benefits obtained were improved teamwork and collaboration, better understanding of the customer requirements and providing a quality product in the end. Moreover, this dissertation gives reasonable evidence that supports the success of design thinking methodology in large software projects in multinational organizations in Ireland.