“Twin one, twin too”. What does it mean to be a twin? A psychoanalytic investigation into the phenomenon of twins

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McCormack, Emer
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MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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In the context of this thesis, the author will explain “identity” focusing on two theories from Jacques Lacan’s “Mirror Stage” and Melanie Klein’s “paranoid schizoid and depressive position”, in an attempt to understand what it means for a single individual and how they form their identity. Outlying similarities and differences in how identity is conceptualised within these perspectives and discussing the clinical implications. The author will then apply this to twin studies and observations exploring the consequences and gains that can occur in relation to each child in the twin ship, therefore, answering the proposed question of what does it mean to be a twin from a psychoanalytic perspective. It will focus on the question of how the twins form their own identity when another is always present. The study will also discuss the impact of the death of a twin and the implications for twins whom are in analysis. The piece of research will then conclude, reflecting back on the previous chapters putting forward questions and recommendations for further research. Author keywords: Twins ,identity, psychoanalysis