AEUP – Connecting university presses in Europe

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Meinecke, Isabella
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Hamburg University Press
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New university presses are on the rise proving that this organisational form is still alive and kicking. Together with established university presses they play an important role in scholarly communication. Europe-focused presses make especially Europe’s diversity. In order to profit from this diversity, communication and network is needed and welcome. Founded in 2010, the Association of European University Presses (AEUP, is a growing self-organisation of and for mostly library-based university presses across Europe with currently 39 members from 18 different countries. AEUP has the aim to build stronger relationships between the presses, to co-operate and share knowledge and to jointly address important issues to various stakeholders in a currently dynamic time in publishing. To achieve these aims, AEUP unfolds a range of activities. Several examples might give an impression: In order to improve knowledge exchange and networking, the association organises conferences (2017 Stockholm, 2019 Brno/Cech republic). Workshops on special topics are held (e.g. on standards in publishing, on xml based publishing). Surveys among members and interested parties are carried outto learn more about the needs and developments relevant for the presses. Besides knowledge transfer, lobbying for presses is also a subject. As an outcome of the 2017 conference, AEUP addressed Seven Statements on European University Presses in 2018, underlining the importance of European university presses digitisation and open access. This presentation will give you further information on the association’s work and give you insights in today’s needs and important topics in European university publishing dealing with digitisation and open access.