A study on role and effectiveness of performance management in Nestle Dubai

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Fernandes, Sharon Jane
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Usually performance management systems will monitor the progress over goals and helps in performance building. Compensation acts as a vital component for maximizing the performance at all levels. Generally performance management feedback systems and appraisal documentation will be highly essential for building retention frameworks. Performance management systems periodically address the ‘measurement of the individual or group performance’ in the organizations. Apparently, retaining the employees looks to be hill-climbing tasks in the modern era. Unless employee engagement is highly initiated in the working organizations, reaping success is not possible. Researcher tries to take a key note on performance management systems and apply the same in professional life as well as the personal life. In the same way nestle learns out flaw areas in the performance management attributes and helps in correcting the ‘variables’. The main research aims is on studying the role and effectiveness of performance management with special reference to nestle, Dubai. The main objectives are To identify the roles and effectiveness of performance management at nestle, Dubai, To study the various theories and concept around performance management systems, To assess the various factors influence the performance management at nestle, Dubai and To offer recommendations to improve the performance management practices at nestle, Dubai. In this study the researcher employs cross sectional study due to the time constraints and it is most appropriate method for the academic purpose. Questionnaire format carries list of questions which is administered to collect responses from the employees of nestle.The employees of nestle company is treated as a sample and the respondents provide huge set of data relevant to the research questionnaire. Study identified that staff motivation, staff retention, staff effectiveness, outcome of performance management and staff feedbacks overall increases the performance of the Nestle Dubai. A number of researchers are of the opinion that job satisfaction is strongly related to opportunities for promotion. Satisfaction surveys reflect that a positive relationship prevails between job level and job satisfaction. Author Keywords: Role and Effectiveness of Performance Management in Nestle, Dubai