The Role of Aviation in Economic in Developemnt

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Prakash, Rahul
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MA of Business Administration MBA
Dublin Business School
This paper highlights various factors that contributed to the development of interactions between air travel and several aspects of economic growth, peeling light on the multidimensional impact of aviation on development. Using a thorough analytical framework, the research explores how important aviation is to promoting investment and commerce, which in turn stimulates economic growth at the national and international levels. This research reveals the dynamic character of aviation's contribution to economic development and emphasises its relevance as a catalyst for sustained advancement through an examination of historical case studies, statistical analyses, and contemporary examples. Starting with its revolutionary impact on trade, transportation, and communication, the dissertation traces the historical development of aviation. It then explores how aviation fosters economic development, including how it supports the expansion of service industries, eases tourism, and makes supply chain management possible (Page 12, Smith, 2023). In this research examining the positive impacts of aviation on economic development, the dissertation also acknowledges the potential challenges associated with aviation, such as environmental concerns and security risks (Page 20, Brown, 2023). The dissertation concludes by emphasizing the need for sustainable and responsible aviation practices that balance economic growth with environmental stewardship and public safety. This paper adds to the academic body of work in this area by considering the historical development role of aviation in economic development worldwide and the status of the industry.