Determine the effects of an entertainment company when dealing with an educational institution

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Briere, Geoffrey
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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In a partnership between two organizations, regardless of their activities, risks both positive and negative may arise for one or both parties. When two organizations have different goals, culture, philosophy, and strategy the odds for them to encounter risks escalate, especially when one organization has a stronger voice in the decision-making process. Any decision made by one party may affect the strategy, goal, risk, and culture of the other one. In that case, the results of the risks affecting the organization can be negative, which in turn, could adversely affect the activities and reputation of both organizations. As well as their risk culture, as it is possible for them to lose the ability to make decision and take action against these risks. Bearing this in mind, the researcher has designed a study intending to evaluate the effects of The Walt Disney Company’s International College Program on the University of California Riverside. This study will include some aspects of the risk management, in general, and as it pertains to an entertainment company and education institution. It will also address some aspects of risk culture. Then researcher will also define the strategy and culture of these two organizations. Finally, to develop the body of this research, the researcher has conducted three interviews on Skype with the University’s managers working with this program alongside Disney. The researcher developed 19 distinct questions to be asked and answered during the interviews. For analytical purposes, the researcher has analysed each interview in detail, and compared the findings to discover the similarity and differences in their answers. According to the findings, the program has affected the University both positively and negatively, which resulted in some restructuring of the organization’s strategy, goals, and structure. Author keywords: Walt Disney World, University of California Riverside, Strategy, Culture, Risks, Risk Culture