Investor’s behaviour towards green investments and how Ireland invest in sustainable green energy projects - is green the new bubble

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Shipochka, Rositsa
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this research is to analyse the attitudes and believes of Irish investors towards green and ethical investments. Why they invest in green, is it profit maximisation or ethical considerations and what are the barriers for green investments. How feasible is the government policy and targets set for greening the Irish economy by 2020. The green and ethical investments became very popular as thematic investments in the past couple of decades, driven by the growing concern for the environment, growing world populating and the depletion of the supply of the finite natural resources. Green and ethical investments are driven by politics, demographics and cultural factors however in recent years some of the leading global companies have adopted ways for switching towards sustainable practices and efficient use of energy and natural recourses. The first chapter provides introduction of the topic, the research questions and objectives. The second chapter presents the literature review with more detail explanation of green and ethical investments, followed by government policies, and the effect of the financial crisis on the green sector in Ireland. The third chapter will present the research methodology and methods proposed for this research and the research philosophy, approach and strategy. Chapter four will present findings and analysis of the research, followed by the conclusion in chapter six. The last chapter seven is a reflection on learning.