Prediction of Clients of “The Career Coach Company” based on Customer Profiling: Leveraging Machine Learning for Marketing Strategies Optimization

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Alvarez Gonzalez, Janette Alejandra
Issue Date
MSc in Business Analytics
Dublin Business School
This research aims to predict the intention of a client to buy the services of The Career Coach Company by implementing machine learning classification algorithms such Random Forest Classifier and K Nearest Neighbors, based on the customer profile of the actual clients and the people who got engaged with the Company at some point. Data visualisations were generated to help the Company comprehend the big picture of the most significant variables related to the current clients. This proposal presents the research plan for establishing a predictive model that can provide insightful information based on customer attributes helping to boost its marketing strategies and optimize revenue generation. By employing analytical approaches, the study strives to contribute to the growing field of business analytics by offering useful insights for the Company's business growth and market competitiveness, helping it to address its marketing campaigns based on the actual profile of its clients.