The body and identity – an explorative study

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Ng, Caroline
Issue Date
Higher Diploma in Arts in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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Using a desk based research approach to this study; it contains secondary resources taken from library books, and online academic journals. The study aims to illustrate how we come to identify with our body which in turn influences how we think and feel about ourselves in our body. Additionally the study aims to show the connection between the soma (body) and the psyche (mind) and it gives different examples of clients experiencing limiting pain in their bodies. Throughout these accounts, psychotherapists help their clients realise that their pain may not be what they think it is. By allowing themselves to connect with both their physical symptoms and their mental and emotional distress, clients were able to live more fulfilling lives. Author Keywords: The Mirror Stage, Attachment Theory, the body, identity, soma, psyche, pain, loss, body as a resource, culture, sexuality, Lacan, Bowlby, Freud, Totton, Babette Rothschild, David-Juan Nasio